CodeMash Reviewed

Last week I had the privilege to attend one of the premier developer events in the country.  CodeMash 2010 was the best professional event that I’ve ever had the opportunity to attend. I would like to express my appreciation to the entire volunteer community who have taken the time  to put this on.

What made this event so great, you ask?  Let me give you some of the reasons why.

The Speakers

Three days, 58 speakers. ‘Nuff said. CodeMash gave us the opportunity to learn about languages, development approaches, and technologies that we might not know much about, or even knew existed. It gave us the opportunity to step out of our comfort zone and learn something new.  Ruby, Rails, Python, F#, PHP, .NET, Java, iPhone…where else could you go to see amazing presentations given by experts in our community? Not to mention three excellent keynotes given by Mary Poppendieck, Andy Hunt and Hank Janssen.

Open Spaces

Post a topic, show up to discuss it.  Open Spaces at CodeMash were little breakout sessions where you pick a time and place where you wish to discuss your topic.  They weren’t lectures.  They weren’t presentations.  Those that showed up decided where to steer the discussions. 

Coding Dojo

This was the place to go to pair up and learn some new coding skills or just hone your existing ones.  HudsonSC and Nimble Pros provided Katas to work on if you wished.  You could also use this room to pair up and discuss a current project or what you were looking to work on.

The Venue

Where else could you swim up to a bar and discuss Ruby; or float around on the lazy river and talk about F#?  The Kalahari Resort and Conference Center was a great host to over 600 geeks and their families.  The place is top notch.  My wife and daughter had a great time at the CodeMash Families and KidzMash events that were held while we were in our sessions. 

Make sure you have CodeMash on your calendar for next year!  I know that I’m counting down the days-and so is my family!


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